Best Krill Oil Supplement – What To Consider When Looking For It!

Krill oil is gaining popularity at a rapid rate. Indeed it is now a national TV star! As with all popular products you need to be careful when deciding which one to use. In this article we will consider what you should be looking for in the best krill oil supplement available.

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The first thing you should consider is:

Freshness and Purity – this can be achieved by choosing a company that sources it’s krill from probably the cleanest waters on earth; these are the seas around Antarctica. They should practice sustainable fishing, use the most efficient techniques available when it comes to processing the krill oil, and keep the product at the correct temperatures until it is shipped for your use.
As krill are at the bottom of the marine food chain they are virtually free of toxins such as mercury, PCB’s, metals and other pollutants if harvested in such conditions. By ensuring you are getting 100% pure krill oil you will be sure of getting the most out of such a supplement.

What makes this oil so beneficial? – It contains extremely powerful Omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants and nutrients. Let us look at just three of these:

Omega 3’s in bioactive form – Such Omega 3’s are stored in phospholipid form which is something your body already has. This makes absorption really fast as it bypasses your bodies need to convert essential fatty acids. Studies have revealed that the omega 3 fatty acids in krill oil are far superior to those in fish oil as the absorption process we mentioned is far easier and quicker for your body to accept.

We will finish off this section of the article on what you should be looking for in the best krill oil supplement with just two more powerful components, and then move on to just some of the benefits you will sees:

Phospholipids – Each capsule should be packed with high strength phospholipids. This is also easy to absorb, and does not cause fishy burps or other negative side effects.

Astaxanthin – Considered to be the most effective antioxidant in the caretonoid family. This makes it tens of times more powerful than regular fish oil.

How can krill oil supplements help you?

Due to the extremely powerful Omega-3 fatty acids, and other components you will find it helps in lots of ways. Here are just five of them

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Hearth health – Krill oil is really effective when it comes to improving and maintaining cardiovascular health.

Cholesterol Levels – It works in a two fold way; First it will lower LDL levels in your body, this is the bad cholesterol, and secondly it will increase the HDL levels in your body, this is the good cholesterol.

Blood pressure – It has been proven to help maintain a healthy blood pressure

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) – For women who suffer symptoms of PMS it has been proven to be very effective.

The last benefit we will mention here which you will find in the best krill oil supplement is:

Blood sugar levels – Krill oil helps to balance blood sugar levels more effectively.

As you can see, with a little bit of research and a desire to understand more about krill oil you really will reap the benefits of daily use of this highly effective formula.